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The Positive Effects of Using a Vitamin D3 Spray

Did you know that using a Vitamin D3 spray can boost your immunity?

In fact, it can do so much more than just protect against illness. For example, it can increase energy levels, reduce stress, and make you feel happier overall.

This article will explain how using a Vitamin D3 supplement can benefit your health and well-being. And it will tell you why you should consider using a Vitamin D3 product instead of taking supplements orally.

Everyone in the UK is advised to take a daily supplement containing 10 micrograms of Vitamin D (larger doses are sometimes needed and are highly beneficial).

Vitamin D can regulate your mood, support your immune system and help your muscles, bones and joints work optimally. But upping your Vitamin D intake can be a challenge, especially with the limited sunlight during autumn and winter.

If you need an easy and convenient way to up your Vitamin D intake, a Vitamin D spray is a great choice. A spray offers multiple benefits, but what are they and how can you benefit?

Don’t worry, we’re going to cover all the positives in this post and we’ll also explore our own Heed Life Vitamin D3 Spray in more detail. Start putting yourself first this winter for optimal well-being.

We’ll cover:

A Convenient Solution

Swallowing tablets can be a struggle for many and although Vitamin D3 capsules may be smaller in size, some people may still find them difficult to take. It’s great to have a choice between vitamin delivery methods as everyone is different. Finding an easy swap is simple with a Vitamin D3 spray. 

If you’re looking for a convenient way to gain the benefits of Vitamin D3, an oral spray is a great option. Typically, they are consumed by spraying one to two sprays under the tongue. Sprays are smaller, they can fit in your bag or pocket and they are easily carried on the go. Whereas capsules aren’t always practical and can easily be lost if removed from their packaging.

If you need a supplement that will seamlessly fit with your hectic lifestyle or you want a pleasant way to consume a Vitamin D3 supplement, a spray might be just what you need. Sprays are usually under 100ml so they’re perfect for carry-on luggage too.

Precise Dosage and Optimal Absorption

Vitamin D3 sprays are consumed by spraying the vitamin into your mouth. It’s normal to think that the spray would travel through the digestive system like a tablet – slowly being absorbed through the wall of the gut.

However, Vitamin D3 sprays can be absorbed through the soft tissues inside of the mouth through the mucous membranes. Sprays are a great solution if you struggle to absorb vitamins effectively through the digestive system and the gut. Individuals that struggle with sub-optimal absorption may benefit from the alternative absorption route offered by spray supplements. 

Sprays also offer a precise dosage in every spray, so there’s no need to worry about consuming the optimal amount of Vitamin D3. The spray will release exactly the amount needed each time.

Delicious Flavour

Although this isn’t the most scientific benefit, supplements that taste delicious are always good. When you enjoy the taste of the supplement you’re consuming, you’re more likely to stick with your vitamin regime for the long term. 

Vitamin D3 sprays can come in lots of different flavours and they usually need to be taken with food in the morning or evening. Whatever flavour you opt for, it’s certainly a benefit of mouth sprays and a great pick-me-up when you need it. 

Mental and Physical Wellbeing Benefits

Vitamin D3 is an essential vitamin everybody needs for optimal human health and it’s probably one of the most commonly taken supplements across the UK. 

Taking a Vitamin D3 supplement offers multiple benefits including immune support, muscle recovery, mood regulation, strong and healthy bones and teeth, correct nerve and kidney functioning and MORE. It’s fair to say that the benefits Vitamin D3 provides shouldn’t be overlooked.

Although it’s recommended that we get Vitamin D from the sunlight and it’s synthesised through the skin – this can be impossible sometimes, especially during the colder months. Vitamin D consumption varies from one person to the next but today’s modern lifestyle doesn’t cater to optimal Vitamin D consumption. A Vitamin D3 spray encompasses all of the benefits in a convenient spray solution. Meaning no one will miss out on the benefits.

Discover Our Heed Life Vitamin D3 Spray

Heed Life is a premium wellness brand that focuses on developing purpose-built supplements for great people. We know how important wellbeing is and we understand how busy people’s lives are and that’s why we focus on being inclusive, convenient and natural.

We’re confident that we have a supplement that will suit everyone. Our product ingredients are carefully selected for optimal results. With that being said, our Vitamin D3 Spray only contains two natural ingredients and it’s vegan too.

Our Vitamin D3 Spray aids optimal immune support contributes to mood regulation and it also helps maintain healthy bones and teeth. Infused with a zesty flavouring, the Vitamin D3 spray works perfectly as a supplement alongside a healthy balanced lifestyle.

The Vitamin D3 Spray delivers 2000 IU per spray – providing the optimal dosage for adults living in the northern hemisphere. The spray can be carried on the go and enjoyed either in the morning or in the evening with food.

Each spray provides an accurate micro-sized dosage that can be consumed by spraying one to two sprays under the tongue. This allows the formulation to quickly absorb and enter the bloodstream. The spray is not intended to diagnose, cure, prevent or treat disease. If you’re currently taking medication or you’re pregnant, it’s always advised that you consult your health professional first before using.

Which form of vitamin D3 is best absorbed?

Vitamin D3 is most effectively absorbed when taken orally, but it may be more effective when applied topically. Vitamin D3 is available in both liquid and cream forms.

The liquid form should be stored in the refrigerator while the cream form should be kept at room temperature. Both forms should be used within one month of opening.

Start Prioritising Your Wellbeing Today With the Help of Heed Life

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