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Bespoke products that are thought to help speed up your recovery and restoration process

Our Repair product range contains premium ingredients and carefully selected terpenes. Thorough research and individual lab testing are carried out to decide which ingredients to include in our products. That way, we can ensure that they’re made for a genuine purpose and aren’t a generic blueprint. 

The Repair range is thought to help the body rest and recover from the stresses of everyday life, intense exercise and other situations too. It’s the perfect product that allows you to push your body to its limit and train at your optimum.

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Potential Benefits of Our Products
  • Reduce sports recovery time.
  • Reduced chronic pain and inflammation.
  • Clear up skin blemishes.
  • Help with bodily issues, such as IBS.

Our Repair products are carefully crafted to try to help aid the rest and recovery process. If you’re pushing yourself in the gym week in, week out, speeding up the recovery process can help you achieve the results you want. On the other hand, our Repair products also try and target other body issues too – such as IBS, acne and more.

Our Repair products are available in a variety of different flavours including Berry Fusion, Mint Fusion and Citrus Blend.

Plus, all flavours are available in a range of strengths and application types too.

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