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Bespoke products, carefully crafted to try and help you unwind, chill out and relax

Our Heed Life Relax range uses a combination of premium ingredients and other natural terpenes to create a product that aims to help you chill out. Whether you’ve got a big meeting ahead or you need help with your sleep quality, our products are designed with a genuine purpose in mind. 

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Potential Benefits of Our Products
  • Reducing and regulating anxiety.
  • Opposing depressing thoughts and feelings.
  • Relaxation and mood regulation.
  • Sleep aid and quality.

Our Relax products are carefully formulated and are designed to try and help people switch off and relieve any stresses you may have.

These products are thought to help your body slow down and tone down any nerves. We all have these tendencies sometimes, so these products are designed to suit a wide range of people and their individual needs.

Our Relax products are available in a variety of different flavours including Berry Fusion, Mint Fusion and Citrus Blend.

Plus, all flavours are available in a range of strengths and application types too.

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