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The Importance of Job Satisfaction and Motivation for Occupational Wellness

Do you love your job? Are you motivated to seize the day? Job satisfaction and motivation impact your psychological well-being – including your sense of identity, health and overall happiness. When it comes to employment, if you have job satisfaction and increased motivation, you’ll be building the foundations for a successful career and future.

But without job satisfaction and motivation, your goals will suffer, your overall physical and mental wellbeing will be negatively impacted and the business you’re working for will also take a hit. The good thing is, occupational wellness CAN be improved and there’s many positives to being proactive with job satisfaction and motivation.

In this post, we’ll explore the importance of these two factors and the impacts they can have on various areas of your life. We’ll explore occupational wellness – what it is, how it can be improved and why it’s important and then we’ll do a deep dive into why this all contributes to your wellness – the most important bit.

We’ll cover:

What Is Job Satisfaction and Motivation? 

Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life – Confucius 

Job satisfaction can mean all sorts of things to different people. However, generally speaking, it consists of how people feel about their job and the organisation they work for. Motivation is the act of feeling energised and positive about the work that needs to be achieved – it’s a reason for acting or behaving in a particular way.

Both go hand in hand and work positively together to create a successful working environment. If you love your job and you’re motivated you’ll definitely feel happier – FACT. But how can job satisfaction and your motivation impact your life day to day? 

It’s said that the average person will work around 84,171 hours in total throughout their career. That’s a long time spent working – so it should be spent wisely and it certainly shouldn’t impact your wellness negatively if it can be avoided.

What Impact Does Job Satisfaction and Motivation Have?

When you wake up in the morning, how do you feel about the prospect of work? Does your stomach fill with dread or do you feel positive? A lot of us are meant to believe that work isn’t meant to be enjoyable but it CAN be. Job satisfaction and motivation are both key foundations for your success, your self-worth and your wellbeing – they shouldn’t be overlooked.

You’ll be pleased to know that if you do land a job that provides you with happiness, then you’ll reap all the benefits. It’s true that a positive work experience can increase your overall happiness significantly.

Happier Relationships

Our personal and professional life should be separated to ensure the best outcomes are achieved. But if you’re unhappy at work and you’re spending your working day unfulfilled, it’s going to carry over in your personal life too. Particularly if you’re venting your workplace frustrations on friends and loved ones.

If you’re happy in your role and you’re striving to meet targets – you’ll naturally radiate that positivity onto others. When you’re happier at work and you’re more satisfied, you’ll also attract happier like-minded people into your life. It’s a winning situation!

Improved Health

Our physical and mental wellbeing are paramount to success in all areas of our life – especially our professional life. Our health is our wealth and without them, we’ll definitely suffer the consequences. If you’re unhappy in your job, you’ll increase the chances of stress and anxiety and a higher risk of developing depression. 

However, if you’re happier in your role, you’ll be sleeping better, you’ll be making healthier choices day to day and you’ll be less stressed. Meaning you’ll be able to pursue your career effectively and efficiently.

Increased Productivity

If you’re unhappy in your role, it’s clear that your productivity might take an impact too. You’ll feel stressed, and more tired and your energy levels and productivity will be nonexistent. You’ll try to tick off your to-do’s but they’ll feel like an uphill battle.

Whereas the happier you are, the more motivated you are to get your tasks done. You’ll be more likely to exceed expectations, your confidence will be boosted through your continued success and you’ll be learning and developing consistently. 

It’s without a doubt that job satisfaction and motivation are essential for a person’s well-being but what link do these have to occupational wellness? And how can it be improved for a healthier outcome? Don’t worry, we’ve got it covered.

What Is Occupational Wellness?

Occupational wellness represents the feeling of purpose and productivity in an individual’s chosen profession. It’s the inspiration we feel to gain personal satisfaction from a role and find enrichment in our life from work. The attitude we have towards work is a crucial influence on occupation development – the happier we are, the more motivated we are. 

There are a few factors that contribute to occupational wellness. The most important factor is the impact your occupation has on YOU. How does your job make you feel? If you feel a sense of happiness and achievement, you’re doing well.

Another important factor to consider is the environment we’re working in and our relationship with the rest of our team. Is the environment you’re working in positive and uplifting? If your working environment is negative and toxic, not only will your work be impacted but so will your health. Being surrounded by encouragement is important for feeling focused and determined in the role.

Why is it Important?

But why is occupational wellness so paramount? Well, if you’re dissatisfied with your career, you’ll feel unhappy and your productivity will be affected. Occupational wellness ensures you’re satisfied to achieve bigger success – the stuff you deserve!

Imagine being in an environment that prioritises personal growth and enables you to enhance your abilities and limits – sounds great, doesn’t it? But that’s why it’s important. Your job should fill you with motivation, satisfaction and achievement.

Occupational wellness is also important for achieving a true work-life balance. It’s crucial for both your mental and physical health to have a good balance. This includes taking time out for yourself and indulging in hobbies that will keep you feeling fresh. If you can’t take time away from your work, everything will be impacted negatively.

How Can Occupational Wellness Be Improved?

Don’t be busy, be productive. But how? There are a lot of things you can be doing to improve your occupational wellness and you can even start by implementing them today. The positives you’ll gain from implementing a few changes will massively improve your overall wellness.

Look Forward To Growth

Sometimes, feeling uncomfortable with your work is good. It means you’re developing and you’re stepping out of your comfort zone. Stagnant work will become boring over time – you deserve to reach your goals and your full potential. Don’t see growth as something scary, see it as a rewarding challenge.

Take A Break

Taking regular breaks away from your screen and work will massively improve your productivity. And it will also help reduce overall stress. Just five to 10 minutes is enough to gain clarity and refresh your mind ready to tackle more work. When you do take a break, move away from wherever you’re working – get some fresh air, talk to a co-worker or do a short 10-minute meditation.

Organise Your Workspace

Keep your workspace clutter-free! Less clutter = less stress. If you have a clean workspace, you’ll have the clarity to achieve your goals and your work for the day. The primary benefit of a clean and organised workspace is improved productivity. It shouldn’t be underestimated and it will certainly help your stress levels and your focus. So, get organising and remove anything from your space that doesn’t add productive value.

Make a List, But Be Realistic

Lists may seem productive, and they can be but you need to be realistic about the time things take and how much you have on your workload. Be realistic about how long things take and don’t skimp on the quality of your work either. 

Place items on your to-do list in order of importance and don’t forget to give yourself some breaks in between – yeah, they should be scheduled in too – they’re essential. 

Maintain a Healthy Balance

Overworking isn’t productive so it’s important to maintain a healthy balance between work and leisure. Work is an important part of our lives but so are the other areas of our lives too. Ensure you’re putting time aside to do the things you enjoy and participate in hobbies that make you feel inspired and excited. De-stress, re-energise and switch off. 

Occupational wellness should be made a priority to ensure you’re performing at your best and achieving the most rewarding results. After all, why wouldn’t you want to put your wellness first if it contributes to helping you feel amazing? It’s essential.

Put Yourself First With These Wellness Tips

Putting yourself first isn’t selfish, it’s self-care.

In order to truly perform at your best, you should be building a strong foundation of wellness. You’ll feel strong, prepared and healthy. But wellness isn’t just about your profession. There are many other components that contribute to your wellness – from the food, you’re eating to what you’re engaging with.

In our FREE downloadable Ebook, you’ll learn all you need to know about wellness and how to start putting your health first – both mental and physical. Download a copy TODAY and start prioritising what matters – you and your wellness.

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