Heed Life CBD Oil – Repair 3000mg Citrus Fusion – 30ml


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CBD products within our Repair range are thought to reduce sports recovery times, reduce chronic pain and inflammation and help heal skin blemishes. If you’re feeling tired, achy or you’re suffering from a skin breakout, then this will be the range tailored to you.

Additional Information

All of our ingredients are natural and are completely gluten-free. Plus, they’re totally THC free and have been independently lab tested to comply with UK and EU regulations. That way, you can be confident that our products are completely safe to use and they’ve been well thought out and researched to achieve a desired, tailored effect.

If you wish to view our Certficates of Analysis you can do so here

How to Use

Our oils can be used in a variety of ways. From cooking with CBD oil to applying drops underneath the tongue, there are various ways in which you can use the products effectively. The most effective way is to apply droplets underneath the tongue via the sublingual gland. That way, it can get into your system within minutes and can start to get to work. 

CBD products should not be used by anybody under the age of 18, pregnant women and women who are breastfeeding. Always keep out of the reach of children. 


All of our ingredients are natural and are completely gluten-free. 

Cannabidiol (Broad Spectrum), M.C.T oil, Bespoke Terpene blend, Natural Flavours.