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How to Set Achievable Goals for 2022: Our Top 5 Tips

As the New Year approaches, you might inevitably be considering some goals for 2022. A new year presents us with an unblemished calendar, it signifies new beginnings and it can sometimes be the boost of motivation people need to kickstart their goals.

However, after goals are set, sometimes, it can be easy to fall back into old habits and before you know it – it’s March and you haven’t achieved any of the goals you set out to do. But how do you stay focused and create a foolproof plan for goal setting? Don’t worry, we’ve got the solution!

Whether you have health and fitness, relationship, finance or work goals – whatever you’re trying to achieve – these tips will help you create a plan for success. Don’t just take our word for it, try it! In this post, we’ll cover all you need to know about goal setting for success. Are you ready to kickstart 2022 in the best possible way? You’d best keep reading, let’s get you on track!

We’ll cover:

Make Your Goals for 2022 Specific

It’s important to set concrete goals and be realistic. Although it’s incredible to aim high, it’s also important to aim at a level you can reach. That way, you’ll be more inclined to achieve it and feel GREAT in the process.

As an example, rather than saying ‘I’ll run a marathon in 2022’ start by outlining the first goal – ‘I’ll increase my daily activity and tweak my training schedule to fit my long-term goal of running a marathon. Slow, steady and small steps all add up to incredible outcomes. 

If you have one large goal, you need to split it up into small actionable steps. That way, you won’t be overwhelmed by the thought of it and it’ll be more realistic to achieve. If there are a few goals you want to work on in one day, again, split them into sizable chunks that you can achieve as you go along. Be reasonable and remember, everyone, is different and achieves things at different speeds. You’ll do a great job!

Set a Time Frame

Set a time frame and you’ll be more likely to stay motivated. Rather than saying ‘I’ll aim to save money up in 2022’ again, be realistic. As an example: ‘I’ll aim to save X, Y, Z in my savings account by (X)’. Time-bound goals work – FACT. Put that added pressure and urgency on the goal and you’ll be focused to reach your target.

You need to ensure you have a time frame attached to all of your goals so they aren’t just lingering around in your mind. If there’s a time frame to work towards, you’ll consistently be on the right track towards them and you can wake up each day with a purpose to achieve.

goals for 2022

Keep Yourself Accountable

One of the main reasons people give up on their goals is because no one knew about them in the first place, so they just brush them under the carpet. Whereas if people knew about your goals – I’m sure you’d be less likely to give up.

It’s great writing your goals down or posting them on social media. But why not try achieving them with someone else – whether it’s a friend, relative or work colleague? If you’re working on your goals with someone not only will you have fun doing it but you’ll also be less likely to back out – after all, if you give up, you’ll be letting someone else down in the process.

So, join that fitness class with your friend or co-parent with your partner so you can do the homework with your children. Don’t give up – I’m sure others will be keen to support you!

Draw a Plan of Action

Get a plan set out and write your goals down. What will you do each day to get one step closer to your goal? If you don’t know now, then it’s time to map it out properly. As we’ve covered, split your goal into achievable chunks.

Once you’ve got the plan in place, you can display your goals in a place where you’ll see them regularly – so, you can review them regularly too. You could tape them to your bathroom mirror or work desk, you could take a photo of your goals and set it as your computer screensaver or as your smartphone wallpaper.

Wherever you choose to display your goals, make sure they’re within reach and that you’ll come into contact with them every day. Subtle reminders will keep you going and will ensure you’re on track for success. Of course, if they’re personal goals you don’t want to share with others, email them to yourself or set some reminders on your phone.

Celebrate Every Victory

If you start to tick off your goals and you’re progressing… It’s worth rewarding yourself! After all, if you’re working hard – it’s time to celebrate your victories. No matter how big or small your victories are – they’re worth celebrating for sure.

If you set up some rewards along the way, it’ll give you something to work towards and you’ll feel excited about the process. So when you get one step closer to your goal, don’t forget the reward and give yourself a pat on the back. 

Staying motivated can be challenging. But before you know it, your goals will become habits and your habits may even develop into lifestyle changes. Trust the process, celebrate even the smallest of victories, and be proud of your incredible progress. Even the thought of goal setting is an achievement in itself.

Do You Have Any Wellness-Inspired Goals? Check This Out! 

Now you’re equipped with all the information you need to kickstart your goals in 2022, we hope you’re feeling positive and focused. If you’ve got some wellness goals in mind, that’s great and such a brilliant idea. After all, your well-being is one of the greatest investments you can make.

If you’re wanting to learn more about the ways you can improve your well-being – physical and mental, download a copy of our FREE Ebook TODAY and start planning your goals. Do something today that your future self will thank you for.

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