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How Does CBD Oil Make You Feel? A Guide

How does CBD oil make you feel? Firstly we’d like to highlight that CBD can come in many forms, and has a vast array of reported benefits, making it a perfect ingredient for food, drinks, topicals, oils and vape products. CBD oil continues to be the most widely used method of consumption across the industry.

So how does it make you feel? One common misconception is that CBD products make you feel high. However, this isn’t true. CBD is a compound within the plant which has no psychoactive properties, meaning you can be confident using the products without getting the ‘high’ feeling often associated with Marijuana use. 

CBD has been widely reported to help with anxiety, pain, sleep and more. How it makes you feel will depend on the products you choose. This post will cover how our varied products can make you feel and the potential benefits and effects our customers have derived from them.

We’ll cover: 

Can You Get High On CBD?

The simple answer to this often asked question is a categorical no. 

But why? To understand why CBD is safe to use without any side effects we need to look closer at where it comes from and its association with the Cannabis plant. So far, there have been 113 cannabinoids identified within the plant – each containing different properties and providing a variety of effects. 

The compound most widely recognized and associated with getting ‘stoned’ is tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). This is a psychoactive compound which can induce euphoria and other side effects. While undergoing the manufacturing process THC is extracted from the biomass, ensuring our products are delivered to you safely and legally.

Following manufacturing, typically 3 types of CBD will remain:

  • Full plant extract – Full plant extracts, while beneficial, may risk being outside of the 0.2 per cent threshold or 1mg per product for THC allowed and, therefore, wouldn’t be legal or eligible for sale within the UK or EU.
  • CBD isolate – The purest form of CBD has gone through a process to remove all other compounds but doesn’t contain any of the other parts of the plant that benefit the user.
  • Broad spectrum distillate – Within the legal range of THC content but also contains a range of other compounds including terpenes and flavonoids. All of which are beneficial in enhancing the properties of CBD known as the ‘entourage effect’.

Heed Life always uses Broad spectrum distillate.

What Effects Does CBD Have?

Depending on which form of CBD products are developed around, you’ll feel a different effect. Broad-spectrum CBD products are most commonly used in the UK and EU – due to the fact that they’re THC-free and need to conform to relevant legalities. Within these products, CBD is often infused with premium terpenes that are carefully formulated for desired effects. 

Generic CBD products have their limitations, which is why at Heed Life we create purpose-built products that can have a targeted effect. Our leading range is designed to help relaxation, provide a natural energy boost and aid recovery and repair. This is achieved by adding terpenes (as mentioned above). 

A terpene is a naturally occurring compound that gives plants their distinctive aromas and flavours. These are known to enhance and boost potential health benefits and allow us to tailor our oils for a specific purpose.

We carefully select the premium terpenes that we infuse CBD with so that we can give the products the best chance for maximum results. The three main terpenes that we use in our products are: 

  • Citral. A microbial terpene that’s proven to help naturally boost energy. This terpene is typically used in products that are trying to help energise. 
  • Myrcene. This natural terpene is thought to help people wind down and relax. It’s thought to help regulate anxiety, depression and OCD.
  • Limonene. A natural anti-inflammatory that’s thought to aid the rest and recovery period. 

What are the Potential Benefits of CBD Products?

Relax Products

Most people experience varying degrees of stress in their life from time to time. The level of stress you experience depends on the individual and a variety of circumstances but it’s important to recognise that this is perfectly natural. 

Stress can often be induced by numerous reasons including work pressure, monetary worries or family issues and there’s plenty we can do to reduce the effects that stress has on us.

At Heed Life, we believe in striving to achieve a natural balance in life and we know that practising a healthy lifestyle can go a long way to reaching this goal. Simple steps, such as getting enough sleep, eating the right foods and exercising regularly are all tried and tested methods in reducing stress and leading a better life and sometimes we need a little extra help.

Our relax products are expertly formulated using a combination of CBD, Myrcene and other natural terpenes to help you chill out and deal with any pressure you may be feeling.

So, what are the potential benefits of consistently using “relax” products?

  • Improved sleep quality – helps the body to relax and get the quality of sleep needed to be able to deal with things calmly and rationally. 
  • Reduced overall stress and anxiety. Overthinking can soon spiral and make issues out of made-up problems. Sound familiar? Relax products may help unwind quicker and stop your mind from running away with itself. 
  • Rid yourself of nerves. We all get nervous and sometimes they can get the better of us and heap pressure on us. Relax products may help keep your nerve levels under control.

Energise Products

If you’re expecting an instantaneous uplifting mega boost from a CBD product, you’ve likely been ill-informed before making your purchase. As with any other supplement, to get the best out of your “energise” product you need to commit to using it consistently. Otherwise, you’re not going to be sufficiently topping up your endocannabinoid system and hitting that sweet spot. 

We all have those days where it takes us a little longer than normal to get going – where we feel like we can’t wake up. Or, those moments throughout the day where we feel a little less energised than others? Don’t worry, that’s completely normal.

So, what are the potential benefits of consistently using an “energise” product?

how does cbd oil make you feel
  • Increased energy throughout the day. Don’t feel as lethargic as you normally would do when carrying out your daily tasks. 
  • Improved concentration. That way, you’ll have a spring in your step and will be working as productively as possible throughout the day.

Repair Products

That tough session at the gym, an aerobics class or even an extra-long shift at work can leave our bodies feeling tired and sore. Maybe you’re having an outbreak of stress-induced acne that needs to be controlled or the wear and tear of age are taking its toll.

These issues are common across a whole age range and it’s normal to suffer any or all of these complaints at some stage. Again, living a healthy and balanced lifestyle can help us reduce the impact this has on us overall, however, from time to time it can be beneficial to have a little extra help.

The potential benefits of using our repair products consistently are:

how does cbd oil make you feel
  • Reduced sports recovery times. This allows you to train harder, longer and more frequently. Therefore, performing at your optimum level.
  • Reduced chronic pain and inflammation. This means that you can be more comfortable when going about your everyday life. 
  • Skin blemishes clearing up completely. Feel as confident as ever in your skin and remove any anxieties you may have.

What should you feel when taking CBD oil?

When taking CBD oil, you should feel relaxed and at ease. The oil will help to calm and soothe your mind and body, leaving you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

CBD oil is a natural way to reduce stress and anxiety, and it can also help to improve your sleep quality. If you are struggling with chronic pain or illness, CBD oil may help to alleviate your symptoms.

How long after taking CBD oil do you feel it?

The experience of taking CBD oil is different for everyone. Some people feel the effects almost immediately, while others don’t feel anything until later.

How long after taking CBD oil you feel the effects depend on a variety of factors, including your body composition, the concentration of CBD in the oil, and how you take it.

What Does CBD Make You Feel Like?

When it comes to CBD, what does it make you feel like? The answer to this question seems to be quite subjective, as everyone’s experience with CBD will be different. Some people report feeling very relaxed and calm after taking CBD, while others say that it makes them feel more alert and focused.

In general, CBD seems to have a balancing effect on the mind and body, helping to create a sense of equilibrium and peace. For some people, this may mean feeling sleepy and calm, while for others it might mean feeling more energetic and awake. Ultimately, it all depends on the person and their individual needs.

Why Does CBD Make Me Feel High?

When someone takes CBD, it can cause a number of different effects, including reducing anxiety, relieving pain, and improving sleep.

However, one of the most common side effects of CBD is that it can make people feel high. This is because CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system in the body, which is responsible for regulating mood, memory, appetite, and pain.

When CBD stimulates this system, it can create feelings of happiness and euphoria. While this may not be desirable for everyone, it can be a positive experience for some people.

Is one type of CBD oil better than another?

There is a lot of debate surrounding which type of CBD oil is better. Some people swear by full spectrum CBD oil, while others prefer the CBD isolate. The truth is, both have their own unique benefits and drawbacks.

Full spectrum CBD oil contains all of the cannabinoids and terpenes found in the hemp plant. This means that it also contains THC, although in very small amounts. Because of this, full spectrum CBD oil can provide more benefits than CBD isolate. It can help to increase the absorption of other cannabinoids and terpenes, which can lead to a stronger overall effect.

Additionally, full spectrum CBD oil is thought to be more effective at treating certain conditions such as chronic pain and anxiety.

CBD isolate is made up of pure CBD extract, without any other cannabinoids or terpenes. This makes it a great choice for people who are concerned about THC levels.

Additionally, CBD isolate is thought to be more effective at treating certain conditions such as seizures and chronic pain.

Are CBD oil and hemp oil the same?

CBD oil and hemp oil are not the same. CBD oil is made from the flowers of the Cannabis sativa plant, while hemp oil is made from the seeds of the Cannabis sativa plant.

CBD oil is typically higher in THC than hemp oil, although both oils contain CBD. Hemp oil is typically lower in THC than CBD oil, but it still contains some THC.

Find Out More About CBD

So, now you know how CBD can make you feel, the potential benefits and what our products contain. The key to getting the most out of your CBD journey is ensuring you have read up on the various options available to you, helping you to make an educated choice and manage your expectations.

At Heed Life, we’re making it our mission to educate our customers with all the relevant information you need and when choosing your products there are a number of things to consider. Not sure where to start? Don’t worry, that’s where we can help.

We’ve created a simple CBD test for you to determine which product group, strength and cost is perfect for you. Take the test today!

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